Crafts I Made This Week – Wine Glasses, Coffee Cups, and Bird Feeders


Painting Coffee Cups with Martha Stewart Paints 

This is my morning coffee cup. That scribble on the bottom used to be a really pretty sun…. until I swallowed half of it with my morning coffee.
Warning (this should have been included on the bottle): Don’t paint the inside of your cups.
On the bright side, I’m still alive so I guess the paint isn’t toxic.


This is the other coffee cup I did. No painting on the inside this time. And no stencils, those things are freakin annoying.




Dream Team!! IMG_1668

Painting Wine Glasses

I put Lisa on a wine glass! Well…. it’s supposed to be Lisa. But I didn’t have the right colors so that’s why she’s too tan and her hair is green. It was my first time doing this, don’t judge me.


Diamonds and Rose Champagne glasses. I actually really love these!




Twitter Wine Glass! This one is totally my favorite and I’m going to use it for my Monday night wine & #RHOBH #TruthJuice




Are they flowers or are they wine glasses? Oooohhh….



I’m only showing you guys the best of what I made. My first 23 two or three attempts were terrible and I washed them off.
After a lot of trial and error I got rid of the paint brushes and used my makeup brushes instead, and that made it so much easier. Although now I have to go buy new makeup brushes….
And Hubs isn’t incredibly happy about the feminization of his wine glasses. But seeing him drink from the Lisa cup was pretty funny!

I used Martha Stewart paints and stencils. I wouldn’t recommend the stencils, they are hard to work with. They have this big border around them so the letters are spaced too far apart.
And the thing is, you if you pull them off when the paint is still wet then you’ll probably mess them up a bit. But you can’t wait until the paint is dry or else the paint will peel off with the stencils. So if you have a light color that needs more than one coat, you’re screwed. It’s just frustrating.

I do like Martha’s paint though, not only because you can drink it and not die, but because if you create something really ugly you have a good amount of time to wash it off even after it dries.
I don’t know how well any of these would do in the dishwasher though. The instructions don’t list anything besides letting the project sit for 24 hours to let the paint set.

Here is a picture of the stencils. I don’t know why this picture is side ways. I’m too lazy today to try to fix it.


Wood Burning and Bird Feeders

So I got this little bird house and a wood burning kit (a year ago and finally decided to do something with it now). It looked like it would be fun. But wood burning is a lot harder than it looks, let me tell you. I’m happy with the way this side turned out. I put a little quote so the birds have something to read while they’re snacking.


This side was kinda a mistake. I was attempting to make a shingled roof look…. it’s the thought that counts right?


I like this side the best. But some of those birds look a little scary.
By the way, if you happen to see a bird feeder that looks like this hanging in front of Karla Hamolka’s house, it’s a total coincidence.
I swear.


In honor of Taylor Armstrong, I bought pea green kitchen towels.
Next time I get my period and I feel like crying over nothing and Hubs is like wtf is wrong with you,  I’m totally blaming the towels.
How can you ask what’s wrong when there are PEA GREEN towels in the kitchen!!!!
Then he’ll just think I’m more crazy because I’m the one who bought them.

They’re probably supposed to be bathroom towels, but I used them for my crafts so now they’re kitchen towels.


The End. 🙂



  1. Girl Martha would be proud of you, not necessarily because your work is up to her standards ( it’s 100 x’s better than what I can do) but because you’re a dedicated Martha crafter. I love the Lisa cup, the bird feeder and the flowers & glitter glasses. Coffee mugs are not company ready yet 😉 ( but if I had done them, they would be on display lol ). Great job PYHU! Happy crafting …

  2. I love your wares & I would totally buy if you could find the products other crafters use to make dishes/glasses safe to eat/drink from & use in dishwasher. I don’t know what kind of spray? or w/e they use, but has tons of crafters that make/paint/sell lots of great stuff like this. You might want to check it out & think about selling your *wares* on there!

    1. This paint isn’t supposed to come off. I trusted Martha and she screwed me!
      I’m ADD with my crafting. Like I’ve been there done that, now I want to do something else. I still really want to make GO TO SLEEP!!! pillow cases. I had that idea years ago and I think about it every time I make the bed. How’s that for procrastination?

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