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Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 11.52.26 AMYolanda: I Have A Problem With Lisa As A Victim
Yolanda laments Lisa’s inability to address the situation, and asserts that she’s not jealous of anything of Lisa’s, minus her health.

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I’m not going to post Yolanda’s entire blog because it was basically 6 pages of complaining that Lisa doesn’t love her enough, and Lisa isn’t a good enough friend, and Lisa didn’t visit her enough. I almost (almost) believe her when she says she isn’t jealous of Lisa, this looks more like obsession than jealousy – actually it’s probably both. Yolanda has some serious personality issues going on. But it’s not her fault, she has LYME DISEASE incase anyone forgot.
Yolanda says:

“I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my honesty might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have good intent and I live my life with great integrity.”

Someone needs to buy Yolanda a dictionary defining the words “honesty”, “good intent” and “integrity”.

Hey, let’s play Mad Libs and make Yolanda’s blog more accurate. Fill in the blanks:

I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my ________ might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have _______ and I live my life with great _______

Yolanda has more to say:



Yolanda’s BS Bravo Blog

(Yolanda’s blog was long and annoying. So I left some paragraphs out.)

Nobody Planned an Attack on Lisa

(except you)

Yolanda H. Foster

Yolanda shares her intentions in talking to Lisa on the beach and but shares why she wishes Lisa had stayed and talked things out.

Posted by Yolanda H. Foster on Feb 24

Hearing the news about the death of Joyce’s father was heart breaking for me. Having lost my own father, I know it’s one of the most devastating losses to endure in life. We were all a little hesitant to go on the trip to PR, but Joyce was adamant to stick to the plan and felt her father would have wanted it that way. (I doubt her father would have cared about any of you women or your vacation) I personally would have pulled out and not traveled with a group of people I just met (Is that a dig?) , but, to be fair, I do know that everyone deals with grief differently. (Sounds like a dig) So I respect her choice and tried to be a source of comfort the best I could. (By starting fights and drama)

When I watch this episode, it seems like there was some master plan against Lisa going on, which is absolutely not what happened. (But it is what happened, you sat and discussed it with Brandi the night before…)


Brandi’s BS Bravo Blog

Brandi: My Issues With Lisa Come From a Place of Hurt

Brandi Glanville

Brandi explains why Lisa cozying up to Kyle hurt her and what she’s learned watching ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

Posted by Brandi Glanville on Feb 24667

I think it is very clear that the issues I have with Lisa come from a place of hurt because I cared so much about her. (BS. You’re just trying to do damage control) I wasn’t having a great year this year because of some health issues (it’s called being drunk) and my father and I not talking (because you called him a drug dealer in your book), so I really needed my friends. During this time Lisa distanced herself from me (didn’t you tell her to back off and stop smothering you?) and started cozying back up to Kyle (they threw one party together and you’re all losing your minds over it) because I wasn’t coming off so well. (Do you have a girl crush on Lisa?)


Carlton’s BS Bravo Blog #RHOBH

Carlton: I Didn’t Want Kyle’s Ring

(It wasn’t a ring!! It’s a crown!)

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton tries to explain the oddity around Kyle’s peace offering — and how Lisa had nothing to do with her refusal.

I love Objets d’Art & Spirit. It is a favorite place of mine to visit when I feel like I’m in need of a little positive, protective something. I was first introduced to it by an amazing lady Kathleen who I met years ago in Kona, Hawaii. It’s one of those places that’s filled with beautiful magical energy (what the fuck is magical energy? Are magical things happening there? Oh right, they’re getting people to pay $50 for candles that cost 99cents. There is definitely retail magic happening there) as are the people that work there. I’ve always used candles, (really, that’s so amazing and unique of you) but these are truly on another level. (How? Are they hand made from the ear wax of fairies or something? We need explanations here.) (It was a pleasure for me to share this treasured place with Yolanda as I knew she would appreciate its spiritual value. Aside from these candles they have wonderful crystals, which I knew Yolanda would like, since she too has crystals in her own home. (Since crystals are a gift from the earth I wonder how the earth feels about the store making a profit on these free gifts.)