The Real Housewives of New York

The Real Housewives of New York City Are Back! Recap #RHONY

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Ok so the first episode was kinda boring, but first episodes usually are. It’s all about catching up with the old wives and meeting the new one.
But what the fuck was up with the new tag lines? I’m getting really disappointed in Bravo… I thought Carlton was an honest mistake, but now it’s like they’re trying to be trashy.
Carole went from being a princess to talking about her ass, Ramona is basically calling herself a drunk, Sonja’s talking about going commando…. which just makes me think of her lady parts, and I’m sorry but Sonja’s lady parts are not something I want to be thinking about. Ever.
Aviva making jokes about her leg? And Heather… Omg girl stop trying to make “Holla” happen, you’re white and the 90’s are over. Tacky and poor taste Bravo.
If they wanted to change something they should have changed the ugly dresses from last season, not the tag lines.
I’m already not too thrilled with this season and we haven’t even gotten past the opening credits yet.

Let’s catch up with the wives: 



Breaking News: Jill Zarin is Still A Fame Whore

So Jill managed to bribe some intern over at the OWN network with some girdles and fancy living room curtains to get her on their Where Are They Now show. It’s not an interview with Oprah or anything, it’s just a short interview with some off camera producer asking questions that we can’t hear.

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Jill is still talking about being on Housewives all these years later. Talk about beating a dead horse. This horse is dead and decomposed and she’s basically just beating the ground where a dead horse used to be. Since Jill doesn’t have anything new to say, she’s stuck either repeating things she’s said a million times before or making up new lies. She chose to do a little of both in this interview.
Now she’s telling a different story about how she ended up getting fired. How many versions of this story does she have now?

Jill claims the real reason that she was fired from the show was because one night she took a sleeping pill and sent an email to 3 of the Housewives and her producer saying that she didn’t want to return for the next season because she wanted to go out on a high note (LOL!!). She said she woke up in the morning and changed her mind, and didn’t say anything to Bravo about not wanting to return… implying that one of them must have told Bravo about her email. She says shortly after the email  was sent she got a phone call saying that they didn’t want her back.

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I’m not saying it was that bitch Ramona that got me fired… but yes, yes I am saying that.


The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Trailer

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It’s been so long since RONY was on the air I almost forgot about it.

NY was always my favorite of all the Housewives shows, but it seemed like a different show without Bethenny, Jill, and Kelly and I barely even watched last season. I saw maybe 2 or 3 episodes and I didn’t even watch the reunion.

But the teaser from this season is looking GOOD!