Vanderpump Rules

The Real Housewives of New York City Are Back! Recap #RHONY

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Ok so the first episode was kinda boring, but first episodes usually are. It’s all about catching up with the old wives and meeting the new one.
But what the fuck was up with the new tag lines? I’m getting really disappointed in Bravo… I thought Carlton was an honest mistake, but now it’s like they’re trying to be trashy.
Carole went from being a princess to talking about her ass, Ramona is basically calling herself a drunk, Sonja’s talking about going commando…. which just makes me think of her lady parts, and I’m sorry but Sonja’s lady parts are not something I want to be thinking about. Ever.
Aviva making jokes about her leg? And Heather… Omg girl stop trying to make “Holla” happen, you’re white and the 90’s are over. Tacky and poor taste Bravo.
If they wanted to change something they should have changed the ugly dresses from last season, not the tag lines.
I’m already not too thrilled with this season and we haven’t even gotten past the opening credits yet.

Let’s catch up with the wives: 



Why is the cast of Vanderpump Rules so awful?

Seriously though…. These people are legitimately some of the worst human beings I’ve witnessed on Tv. And I watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Mob Wives. Like… I am legitimately worried for the future children of these soulless human beings. Even the Jersey Shore kids had some redeemable qualities and had real friendships with each other despite being drunken promiscuous trouble makers. I can’t find even one good thing to say about any of these SUR employees.

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The welcoming committee at the gates of Hell