My Favorite Juice

I was doing the green juice thing for a while but I’m not crazy about the green juices and didn’t notice amazing health benefits anyway. I’m starting to wonder if this whole juicing thing might just be a scam… but I’m still doing it!




Green Juice and Smoothies

I gave the juicer a break for a day and tried out a Coffee Banana Date Smoothie from this website called the Dreaming Foodie that Tuz recommend to me.
Although it was supposed to be a smoothie, it turned out super thick more like ice cream than a smoothie. I ate it with a spoon and it was delicious! 🙂




Juicing VS Blending + I Made Beet Juice

Since I wrote my first post about juicing, we’ve been having many twitter conversations about juicing vs blending, and which methods and which machines are better. So I searched around the internet and found this video. Actually I’m lying, I didn’t search for it, Youtube suggested I watch it since they’re tracking my internet activity and can predict what I’ll want to watch next before I even know what I want to watch. Creepy and intrusive, yet helpful.
This guy did a pretty good job of laying it all out there. The pro’s and con’s of each method.