I Am Now A Happy Hooker

I’m finally getting good at this shit! I’m pretty excited about the things I’m able to make now.

This is the cutest thing ever. I think I’m going to make one my size. I’ve been making mostly children’s hats and scarves because they are easier and a lot less frustrating.




I Hooked A Hat

I finally finished another hat. I don’t know why these things are so freakin hard to make, but I was finally able to finish one and it’s only slightly misshapen, which is a big improvement over my past attempts.
But just when I started feeling proud of my crochet creations I went and read this blog and now I feel shit:  Not Just A Knit Wit
Now that is some fucking skills right there. There are some really cool things on that blog, and I love the name! Now I feel less excited to share my newest creation with you, but oh well… here goes anyway: